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carlyisnot [userpic]
CSI (Vegas) Fic: Little White Flowers: A Sara/Sofia Story. Chapters 1-5/??
by carlyisnot (carlyisnot)
at 10th January 2010 (00:44)

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Title: Little white flowers
Author: Carly Carter
Fandom: CSI (Las Vegas)
Pairing: Sara/Sofia
Rating: PG for now- warning for character death.
Disclaimer: Don't own any thing.
Summary: I
nspired by the song “Gloomy Sunday”  Set around Season 5- ish.
I want to understand you.”
Why would you want to understand me?
Who else is going to, Sara?

Chapters 1-5 (To be continued) @ my LJ = http://carlyisnot.livejournal.com/23122.html